Beergadiid Secondary School Building Project

Education is the most powerful tool to eradicate poverty. Education is a key that unlocks countless opportunities. It is the driving force for social change and economic development. Somali development Organisation promotes education for all, and most importantly, that every child has a right to education. SDO currently runs over 10 schools, serving orphans and disadvantaged children around Hiiraan Region of South Central Somalia. There is a huge shortage of Secondary schools in Somalia, and specially in Hiiraan Region. The community in Beergadiid do not have a secondary school, and as a result, their children do not have an access to secondary schooling. SDO is aiming to build a secondary school in Beergadiid which will provide a much-needed education for approximately 210 boys and 110 girls who currently do not attend a secondary school.



Hiiraan Region has been one of the most affected areas by the ongoing conflicts in Somalia. And as a result, there is little or no government provided education in the region. Education services have been mainly provided by small private-sector or charitable organisations in only larger towns and cities.


SDO helps provide education from primary to secondary schools, serving isolated communities in villages and rural areas that would not otherwise have had an access to schools. We serve large groups of poor and disadvantaged children.

Long terms effect

SDO aims to empower people through the advancement of education so that they are in a better position to lift themselves out of poverty. Education is one of the most important tools that enable people to earn a living and sustain themselves.

Without your support, SDO will not be able to build this school. Please Donate. Your generosity will change the lives of these children.


Construction of Students Total Cost $
 4 Class rooms 210 boys

110 girls

2 toilets
1 teacher’s office
1 generator room
1 water tank

Donation Options

 Single Donations $ £ € 10 25 50 100
Monthly Donations $ £ € 10 25 50 100
Other amounts 0.00

Please Donate. Your generosity is what helps those children get the education they need.